Biking to Support Doctors Without Borders

Biking is our activity of love. It is how we get to school and work. It is how we get to the grocery store and ice cream shop. It is what we do as a family. As we try to make sense of all that is hurtful, confusing, and wrong in the world. We try to take time to breathe and find joy in our daily routine, most times we find that through biking. 

This weekend we biked 15+ miles riding from Brooklyn to Harlem. On Sunday, May 7, 2017, we will be riding through the streets of New York City in the 2017 Five Boro Bike Tour— while supporting the lifesaving mission of Doctors Without Borders. We are raising funds and awareness of its mission to support its response to emergencies around the world. The donations raised will be put to work immediately to deliver urgent medical care including treatment for malnutrition, emergency surgery, and lifesaving vaccinations for people around the world.

To support Doctors Without Borders and our ride click here

  1. We use an adult Electra Solid Color Matte Mint helmet for Peyton on our rides now. We were sad to see her grow out of children's sizes but after a fitting we knew that was the only option.
  2. We rode 15 miles from our apartment in Brooklyn over the Brooklyn bridge down the West Side Highway bike path to 125th street in Brooklyn. We use a Yepp  Maxi Seat post Child Seat for her and have two seat post adapters on each of our bikes so that we switch her seat from bike to bike. We love that it is light and has a high weight capacity 22 kilos (48 pounds). 
  3. This is a photo of us on the Brooklyn Bridge, while we love the view we're not sure if we enjoy the tourist who don't stay out of the bike line. As you can see I'm not wearing a bike helmet, I absolutely don't recommend this. My hair wasn't dry and my helmet couldn't fit over the curlers so my helmet couldn't fit but you should always always always  wear helmet. Next time I'll be better. 
  4. This was the first bike I had with Peyton and first Child Seat, we loved both so very much but unfortunately they were stolen in front of our apartment. Always lock your bike frame and both wheels! Her seat was a Co Pilot Taxi child seat and my bike was a fuji women's crosstown 1.0 hybrid bike. 
  5. These are two of the bikes  we use when we're carting Peyton around. My bike is a 2016 Trek 7.0 FX and Michael's is a Specialized Diverge A1 2017 we bought them at our local neighborhood bike shop that we spend a lot of time at Fulton Bikes
  6. This was Michael's first time riding with Peyton on the back of his bike. I was a little protective over her but in the end he really did a great job with her on his back for 15 miles!
  7. That pinkie pie pony almost got lost on the trip thankfully a few other bikers pointed us in the right direction and it was quickly recovered! 
  8. This is us at last years TD 40 mile Bike tour. It was cold and wet and miserable but I'm glad I did it. It was really amazing pushing ourselves to complete the 40 miles and being able to raise money for a good cause as well. We love Doctors Without Borders and I'm excited to have the opportunity to support again this year. For more information on how to support click here