Peyton & I. 

Peyton & I. 


ChocoLACTMilk started as a very small idea, I wanted to bring together women of color in DC around the collective experience of Breastfeeding. A few small meet ups in my living room to talk about nursing was how it started. As time went on, the meetups got more infrequent as life got the best of me. However, I hung on to that experience, because more than breastfeeding it became about the collective experience of parenting and parenting as women of color.

It became about social parenting, knowing that our experiences as parents are not separate from our experience as women of color, knowing that issues such as racism, sexism, and poverty inform our parenting choices. 

The mission of ChocoLACTMilk is to give space, dialogue, community, and resources to mothers of color with an emphasis on inclusivity, compassion, and social good. 

This space is being built with tiny but beautiful steps. This space is built with Love. This space is safe.